The launch of La minky

We kept worrying no one would turn up and that it wouldn’t be a success but how wrong we were!

Everyone congratulated us, complimented the salon and staff and loved their goody bag filled with treats. Nothing beats a launch event having brilliant success and all the worry we had about no one turning up was unnecessary. Everyone had a smile on their face and a compliment to give, telling us how well we’d done for setting up a business in these difficult times.

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When the day finally arrived and 2pm was drawing closer we were adding the final touches to the salon ready to greet friends, family and potential new clients with champagne and strawberries and a small buffet to take them on a tour of our new salon and to try a taster arm and hand massage with our fantastic staff.

It was lovely to see all the support we had and fab to know that we had gained some new clients all because they loved the way they were treated and spoken to by our team. Keeping our clients happy is our main priority so knowing they felt happy and comfortable with our staff made us feel even better.

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We can’t wait for this wonderful journey we’re about to go on, hopefully a successful one with our many new friends.

The team at La Minky.

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