A gift of advice from us to you on how to tackle those winter blues

The spring seems such a long time away and you may be feeling sluggish and like a hibernating grizzly bear so we have a few tip bits to help you out of the new year slump.


Tip no. 1

Drink 8 glasses of water a day.  This will help your organs to function better and give you more energy

Tip no. 2
Exercise!  Start off with gentle walking and stretching if hitting the gym is not your cup of tea.  Any exercise will help your lymphatic system eliminate toxins from your body which in turn will give you more energy and help improve your skin texture.

If you don’t want to move the toxins yourself we can do it for you! Bod…y massage aids the movement of the lymphatic system, improves circulation and the distribution of nutrients… it’s also relaxing.

Tip no.3
Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

The use of a body brush from feet upwards (avoiding sensitive areas and the face) will help improve skin tone, sloth dead skin cells and improve your general health.  This is best carried out prior to bathing so you can use a good exfoliating body wash in the shower/bath to smooth and then finish with a velvety moisturiser to soften the skin.

Tip no.4
You are what you eat!

Try and swap caffeine drinks for herbal teas

Eating Low GI food to help keep your energy up

Lots of lovely oily fish to help your skin

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