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Intimate Waxing Treatments for Ladies

La Minky intimate waxing for ladiesAt La Minky, we use Perron Rigot hot wax for intimate body waxing for maximum comfort on sensitive areas. Prices are for guidance and may vary dependant on the individual.

The Rabbit – £18.00

Hair is removed from panty line and crease of leg.

The Possum – £20.00

Hair is removed from the buttocks and buttock crease.

The Tanuki – £25.00

Hair is removed from side panels, going narrower inside the panty line and across the top of the pubic triangle.

The Chinchilla – £27.00

Hair is removed very high sides (almost Brazilian) and top of the pubic triangle. Labial hair is not removed but taken in narrow.

The Chinchilla Langeria – £38.50

This is my version of the “Hollywood”. All the hair from the pubic triangle, inner and outer labia, buttock crease and buttocks is removed.

The Mink – Price can vary from £48.00

All the hair removed. This is my versionof the “Hollywood” with bikini gems. Gems are for fun only.

Due to the sensitive nature of intimate waxing treatments, please feel free to contact us and discuss any questions you may have.