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Le Facial – A 7 step customised therapy to suit your skin’s individual needs – £40.00

La Minky facialStep 1: Deep cleanse

The therapy starts with a deep cleanse removing all traces of make-up, surface dirt and bacteria build up. Only when the skin is thoroughly clean can the therapist analyse the skin. Our aim is to improve the efficiency of the skins function by improving and stimulating the circulation, aiding lymphatic drainage (removing toxins within the skin) and boosting cellular regeneration.

Step 2: Skin analysis

The therapist will assess the skin and plan the appropriate skin remedy for this treatment.

Step 3:

Deep cleanse exfoliate with steam therapy will relax and remove dead skin cells, open blocked pores and aid congestion of the skin. Exfoliates will then be removed with hot towels, bringing back the radiance to dull and lifeless skin.

Step 4: Heavenly massage

The most relaxing and therapeutic part of the facial treatment. Using a unique blend of aromatherapy oils, a deep face, neck and shoulder massage will improve lymphatic drainage. It will improve muscle tone, nourish the skin, increase circulation and cellular regeneration of the skin. The Aroma oils will be removed with hot damp towels leaving you feeling totally unwound and ready for your facial mask.

Step 5: Le Mask

Your choice now, or leave it to us! We have a range of face masks to suit everyone. Each face masks have different actions depending on their formulation. The mask will enhance the benefits of all the prior cleanses and will re -balance the skin, tone, hydrate and smooth. After approximately 15 minutes (when the ingredients have done their best) we will remove the mask with hot damp towels in readiness for your spritz tone.

Step 6: Spritzer

This is a refreshing spray of rose scented toner, leaving no oil or cream residue on the skin. This leaves you feeling totally refreshed and invigorated.

Step 7: Le finale

Moisturiser is the final therapy. It is specially chosen for your skin type and it will seal in all the good work maintaining moisture levels aiding the absorption of moisturisers thereafter and keeping the skin smooth, supple and hydrated.