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Regular Waxing Treatments for Ladies

Regular waxing treatments for ladiesAt La Minky, we use Perron Rigot blue ocean strip wax and euroblonde hot wax. These types of wax are used on specific areas for optimum comfort.

Facial Waxing

Brow enhancement – £8.50

Perron Rigot strip wax is used on under and over brows. Vellas hair (soft white or brown downy hair) on forehead and temple can also be removed. Brows are then trimmed and refined by hand for perfection.

Nostrils – £4.00

Ear lobes – £3.00

Ear lobes including tragus and outer ears – £5.00

Upper lip – £4.00

Chin – £5.00

Upper lip & Chin – £9.00

Cheek bones and sides of face – £15.00

Sides of neck – £8.00

Full face including ears – £25.00

Full face including neck and ears – £30.00

Upper body waxing

Warm strip wax or hot wax can be used, we recommend hot wax for coarse hair.

Under arm – £12.00

Upper arm including elbows – £15.00

Forearms including hands and fingers – £20.00

Full arm including hands and fingers – £25.00

Full arm including hands, fingers and under arms – £30.00

Hands and fingers – £8.00

Navel line – £8.00

Stomach – £8.00

Small of back – £8.00

Full back – £20.00

Lower body waxing

Feet and toes – £10.00

Lower leg (including knees, feet and toes) – £18.00

Upper leg (including knees) – £18.00

Thighs and basic bikini – £22.00

Upper leg (including knees and basic bikini line) – £30.00

Full leg (including feet, knees and toes) – £28.00

Full leg (including basic bikini, knees, feet and toes) – £38.00

Due to the sensitive nature of intimate waxing treatments, please feel free to contact us and discuss any questions you may have.