Hair today gone tomorrow

Before you know it’ll be time to pack your case and fly off for sunnier climes. You may have all the bestsellers, sun protection and beach towels you need but will you be ready to disrobe? Here at La Minky we can have you bikini ready with our range of waxing treatments from under arms, […] Read more »

A healthy glow

There’s nothing quite like a healthy, glowing, natural-looking tan to make you look and feel fantastic. If you want the confidence to show off your pins but don’t want the possible damaging effects from sun bathing why not try our St Tropez manual tan (patch test required 48 hrs prior to treatment). We start the […] Read more »

Body Confident

Exfoliate! We offer a full body exfoliation service that really revives the skin and prepares it for the summer months. A body brush, then an exfoliant is used from feet upwards (avoiding sensitive areas and the face) which helps improve skin tone, sloth dead skin cells and improve your general health, The treatment is finished […] Read more »

Fresh Faced

Massage your way to a healthier glow this summer. Try and take time to include massage in your facial skin care routine. A little massage will help stimulate circulation, remove toxins and deliver the oxygen and nutrients to your skin to give it a healthy glow. Make sure movements are always upwards and be especially […] Read more »

Let’s take it from the top

The sun has got his hat on and so should you. Protecting your head and hair from the sun with some form of head covering is the easiest way to protect your hair and scalp from harmful rays. It helps prevent fading colours and reduces drying or frizzy split ends. It’s also a good idea […] Read more »