Vitamin boosts

Try introducing plenty of vitamin C into your diet as it aids collagen production… try citrus fruits, apples and even bell peppers…feed your skin from within. Read more »

Winter Skin

Winter skin care does not have to be excessive as long as you have a consistent routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day.  This will help keep your skin radiant.  Why not try a nourishing mask for a bit of an extra boost once a week too. Read more »

Instant Oxygen Facial

Brighten up your skin this Autumn with our “Instant Oxygen facial” or prepare your skin for that special night out our occasion for £25 The facial is a 4 step treatment to help brighten dull and tired skin: Step 1. Cleanse: removes impurities, hydrates, refreshes and revives dull skin Step 2. Mask: oxygen molecules and detoxifiers […] Read more »

Spa Monday

Buy one get one free express spa package for only £50 Treat yourself and a friend to a bit of indulgence on Monday 7th October 2013 The package includes: 20 minute back massage 20 minute facial (cleanse, massage, tone and moisturise) Conditioning hair treatment, blow dry and finish with Salon La Mink Booking required and […] Read more »